Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pick A Seat on AirAsia

I've been talking a lot about AirAsia lately, haven't I? No, I'm not paid for it in case you are wondering. This post came about because I was tickled by Robin's comment in my previous post about AirAsia being awarded World's Best Low Cost Carrier.

Robin said but the rush for seat very frightening. Frankly, I felt the same way too on my last trip to Kuching on AirAsia. I also saw a guy quickly got on the plane and immediately stuffed his bags into the front overhead luggage compartment before proceeding to the back of the plane. That's a useful lesson, I told myself.

In case the rushing of seats is the one thing that turns you off AirAsia, no more worries now as they have introduced seat allocation and you can pick your favourite seat - for a fee, of course. Remember this is budget airline so everything on request has a price. Still, the total sum may be way below the ticket on a regular full-fare/full service carrier to the same destination.

Here's a video to drive home the point why you'd want to pick a seat. With Pick A Seat, you’re guaranteed the seat of choice.

Below is a layout of the plane. The seating arrangement in this diagram reflects those of the Airbus A320 only.

The seats in red are the hot seats and they come priced something like five times the price of a standard seat. For instance, a standard seat in Malaysia would be at RM5 while a hot seat would be at RM25; in Singapore the rate would be S$2.20, a hot seat at S$11; Below is the fee structure for your quick reference.

Country......Std Seat / Hot Seat
Malaysia.....RM5 / 25
Thailand.....THB50 / 250
Indonesia....RP15,000 / 75,000
Singapore....SGD2.20 / 11
Macau.........MOP11.80 / 59
Philippines...PHP69.20 / 346
Cambodia....USD1.40 / 7
Vietnam.......USD1.40 / 7
Laos.............USD1.40 / 7
Brunei..........BND2.20 / 11
China...........CNY12 / 60
Hong Kong...HKD11.40 / 57
India............INR70.80 / 354

Source: Pick A Seat...AirAsia site


  1. Thanks for the info! Kinda read it in the paper recently! But I didn't know there's this hot seats thingy! =)

  2. AirAsia only use one model of plane, i.e. Air Bus A320. This is how the airlines save cost.

  3. so much better, I dun mind paying extra as long as I am not seating next to a big fat lady.

    Can air asia provide the weight of the next passenger before I book..

    or am I too much hahahahaha

  4. Tekkaus, you are welcome.

    KS, they do use A330 and A340.

  5. Robin, discrimination, discrimination! Wait! Are you related to the Singapore health minister, Khaw Boon Wan, who recently urged Singaporean obese workers to trim the fat?

  6. actually not discriminating la,

    the last time I sat next to a big fat lady and her fats overflowed to my seats.. squeezing me into one side..

    she should have booked two seats.


  7. Robin, I was only kidding la..

    I know what you mean. I know someone from overseas who used to book two seats everytime he travelled because he just couldn't fit into one. It was good that at least he could be comfortable on the plane considering the number of hours he would be flying.