Saturday, April 11, 2009

Downtown Traffic Down

It's the weekend again and a glorious day outside, one that is a far cry from the gloominess of the past few days. One that makes you aware of the beauty of the greenery outside, the birds fluttering about among the trees, fluffy clouds in the sky. Yes, one that makes you happy to be alive!

There are lots of places I'd like to visit on a day like this though I'd need to be armed with an umbrella, a pair of good walking shoes and yes, swathed in sunblock.

If one were to go downtown these days, especially in the Chinatown area, one would notice a difference in human traffic. With job-cuts resulting in contractors, mainly foreigners, being sent home, human traffic congestion has been noticeably reduced. Many businesses have significantly reduced production, many have even seized operation. Employees most affected are those holding blue-collar jobs. I wonder if investment banker jobs are similarly affected. Maybe not as banks here are still going strong. And that is a good sign. Amen to that!


  1. The cut in traffic is a good thing. The loss of jobs is not so good, but we have to make adjustments. :)

    BTW is Chinatown = Jalan Petaling? I've not explored every corner of KL so I'm not very familiar xD

  2. So true, though I feel sorry for those foreigners who had to go home to no employment.

    Jalan Petaling is just one part of Chinatown but it is the main part where the action is - shopping and food galore. It is closed to vehicular-traffic from dusk to when the stalls close around ten-ish or so.

    If you take the LRT, you get off where Central Market is - I don't remember the station name. A short walk from the LRT station will take you to Jalan Petaling or rather Chinatown.

  3. Ahh, thanks for the info

  4. Anytime, Jim. Enjoy your next visit to KL.