Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pikom PC Fair - KL Convention Centre

Maybe I'll go to the Pikom PC Fair. The fair started yesterday and will be on until tomorrow, Sunday, April 12. Maybe it'll give me a chance to visit the KL Convention Centre again.

Or maybe not. Somehow, the idea of being among throngs of rushing squeezing crowds is not too appealing. Strange that it's a different feeling on the dance-floor of a crowded club though. My bad.

Actually, I'm looking into buying an sd card for my digital camera. I already have two but figured I may need another one or two. Have you been to the PC Fair yet or are you like me, avoiding crowds?


  1. I'd like to go, but only for viewing stuff and getting latest info on the pc technology, aldo maybe snap some pics to blog.

    If you can manage to get in and out of KL without much hassle why not give it a try? :)

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I have heard of Kingston and now there's Transcend sd cards. But they say Sandisk's the best in the market. I am currently using both Toshiba and Sandisk.
    I am looking to purchase a printer..for my photos. But too lazy to visit computer fairs and large crowds are a turn-off.

  3. JL, getting in and out of KL is not the issue. It's the congestion and the fair that's not so fun.

    Mei Teng, thanks for the information on the various SD card brands. Low Yat Plaza is a good place to buy your printer.