Monday, December 7, 2009

Fly MAS and Win A Chance to Drive Home A Beetle

Here is a chance for you to win a car, a Volkswagen Beetle, from Malaysia Airlines with a ticket purchase worth a minimum RM1,000 or a purchase of a MASholidays/MasterCard holiday package.

More from The Star..

PETALING JAYA: Those who buy Malaysian Airline tickets worth a minimum of RM1,000 or on MasterCard packages are a step closer to owning a Volkswagen Beetle.

The “Fly and Win” contest requires participants to list down the preferred rankings of their favourite destination operated by Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines senior general manager sales and marketing Datuk Bernard Francis said the contest was the company’s way of saying “thank you” to its customers.

“With a single transaction of air tickets or MASholidays packages, an entry form is given to card holders and entries matching listed rankings of all seven destination will be shortlisted as winners,” he said in a statement.

Entry forms are available at Malaysia Airlines ticketing offices and corporate website, and travel agents.


  1. Pass by from Innit :) Have a really nice day!

  2. Good marketing gimmick from MAS, at the expense of a single car, they able to boost lots and lots of sales. :-)

  3. Hi BabyMocha, thanks for stopping by. You have a really nice day too.

    Hi Gallivanter, yep, smart move. A little goes a long way. Besides, they can't just sit back and let AirAsia eat into their market share. I think competition is good for the consumer.

  4. hmmm, too bad, i now mostly travel on AirAsia!! is there anything AA is giving away for her loyal customers??

  5. hmmm... wonder if they will deliver the car to Argentina?

  6. SK, LOL! AA is always giving away free and cheap seats. Still not enough? What about that write-up contest, did you submit?

    Robin, I'm sure they will, won't they? A win's a win and they'll have to honour it.