Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Career Development Courses for Doctors

Like all other professionals, doctors too need career development skills for career advancement.

Oxford Medical is one of UK's best providers of medical interview skills training and career development courses.

The interview skills training, part of the medical management course for doctors, will have the participant learning how to structure, prepare and deliver a medical presentation, will have him able to identify his areas of strength and exploit them to his advantage, among other skills. He will also be able to practise the new interview skills at a mock interview. Courses are conducted in a small group to ensure excellent feedback.

SpR medical management course for doctors and teach the teacher course for doctors are also available at Oxford Medical.

With the current competitive climate within the NHS medical job market, Oxford Medical is fully aware of what is required. Their tutors are experts in this field, fully trained and have vast experience in the medical selection process. Their courses are among the best medical management courses in the United Kingdom. Courses are conducted in Oxford and Central London.


  1. I'm not doctor. Too bad. :D

  2. that's where we are trailing behind compared to the west. they have courses for anything & everything!

    but that interview course doesn't apply here because they usually have already decided who they want BEFORE the interview, & who is not necessarily the best person for the job.