Friday, December 25, 2009 Internet Services

Wish we have more choices when it comes to Internet service providers. Over in the U.S., provides services starting at $9.95/mo. for a basic dial-up plan for unlimited dial-up internet access. Top up a little bit more, you can upgrade to a Hi-speed or Broadband plan.

A cheap dial-up plan does not mean you have to forego on features. The plan provides

# Free Technical Support
# 56K Dial-up Internet Service
# V.90/V.92 Compatible
# Nationwide Access
# Email Account Included

With the Hi-speed plan, you get their standard features plus up to 5 email addresses and up to 19 times faster the speed and at only $9.95 the first month.

With the Broadband plan, all the above features of the Hi-speed plan, plus a back-up dial-up service, up to 125 times faster and does not tie up the phone line. specializes in dial-up & DSL internet services in the United States and Canada. An all-American owned and operated company, Copper-net takes pride in offering services at an affordable rate. Reputed as America's best provider for Dial-Up Internet Service, they have been providing customers guaranteed service since 1997. is not just dial up anymore! They offer a variety of internet services to meet your needs. Their services include broadband Internet, call alert, archiving, Dial-up Internet, DSL service, email, satellite Internet, Internet Phone service and web-hosting and design.

If you are in the U.S. or Canada and are looking for a more superior, quality dial up service, would be the one choice that is sure to meet your needs and more. Many services offer limited connections or charge you by the hour. With you can surf without worry because their service is unlimited for residential usage! Isn't this reason enough to sign up with

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