Thursday, December 3, 2009

Go Green with Hand Dryers

With all the emphasis on going green to save our planet, I am surprised that paper towels are still being used instead of hand dryers. I wonder if it's just here or if paper towels are still being used elsewhere.

Here's a green fact. Using hand dryers as an alternative to paper towels can save a company up to 90% in operation cost. The change might be one small step for us but accumulated, it's one giant step for Earth.


  1. hehe, sometimes i still prefer to use paper towel because am too impatient to stand there drying my hand using the dryers.. :p

    btw, the dryers are using electricity, not necessarily environmental friendly.. but the paper towel are all recycled paper.. :p

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  3. What if we recycle paper towel? Will it be 'greener'?

  4. Yeah! Hand dryer is more eco-friendly right? :p

  5. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I find paper towels more useful than hand dryers as it does the job faster. Imagine a queue of people in the restroom all waiting in line to use the hand dryer.

  6. I wipe my wet hands on my shirt. =p

    With regards to khengsiong's question, recycling consumes energy too. So saving the trees but at the expense of energy.