Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Travel Tips

Whether it's to New York or to Florence, a traveller would enjoy his visit more if he had done some homework about the places he is about to spend his holiday.

December is considered a peak month for travel so booking ahead for both airline tickets and accommodations would ensure securing reservations. To enjoy cheap flights, travellers would normally book months ahead. For some, even a year ahead. You'd be surprised at the savings of booking early.

For first-time travellers, checking up on travel tips and other travel-related information is encouraged. It could save you from unnecessary hassle and anguish. Knowing the do's and dont's and whys and wherefores would go a long way in making your vacation a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Lonelyplanet.com, mytravelweb.com and fodors.com are sites I normally turn to for travel tips and information. They have tons of information shared by seasoned travelers with the aim that travelers after them could benefit from.

By the way, these are bulls testicles. In the old cattle days in Spain. nothing of the cattle went to waste. Now, it is known as an aphrodisiac. (Image courtesy of mytravelweb.com)


  1. Bulls testicles? Gross!!! Although I might just eat it IF you don't tell me what they are! LOL!

  2. Foong, I suppose no difference with eating animal innards except that these are exterior parts. I too would eat it if I wasn't told.

    Btw, have you heard of a joke on this? It's called, "Sometimes the bull wins".