Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Buying a Car is Not like Buying a Pencil

Buying a car is not like buying a pencil. Buying a car involves some research. If you are looking into a car purchase and have no idea where to look for information, thecarconnection.com is a good place to start.

The people at thecarconnection.com are experts in everything related to cars having test-driven all the cars listed on their website. On their site, you will find buying advice, pictures, expert ratings, safety features, spy shots and shopping guides, tips and expert advice, and more.

If you are planning for a Chevrolet Equinox, check out their Chevrolet Equinox pics and browse through vehicle features, both inside and outside. There is even a slideshow to show you more features.

If a Ford is what you are looking for, check out their Ford Taurus pics for a better view. Similarly, there are Honda Civic pics and Kia Forte photos and others to help you with your decision-making.

I have not come across a better website that offers a more complete editorial source for car news and reviews than thecarconnection.com


  1. Haha! I always tell my husband that buying a car is not like buying vegetable :o)

    Merry Christmas to you too, Happysurfer.

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    But of course! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. and I tell my husband it's not like buying a karipap. LOL

    Marry Christmas to you!

  4. Buying a house tougher...

  5. Ai Shiang, yeah, that's what we normally say in Chinese. LOL! Merry Christmas!

    Mei Teng, indeed! Merry Christmas!

    Lina, karipap? haha.. Happy holidays to you. Going anywhere?

    KS, I know.. :(

  6. Buying a car is like....buying...a...I don't know. :p