Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perth is Where I'd Like to Visit Soon

Lots of Malaysians visit Australia for vacations. A short 5 hours 20 minutes will see you from Kuala Lumpur to Perth. Perth on the western side of Australia, is popular because it is a nearby destination from South-east Asia unlike travelling to Europe or to the U.S.

If you are planning to visit Perth, best to read up on what to expect. A site I would recommend is the WA Tourism website (http://www.westernaustralia.com/sg/Pages/Welcome_to_Western_Australia.aspx). Here, you'll get useful information on holiday ideas and packages, accommodation, the ongoing events and so forth. That's the site for Western Australia in general.

Perth offers a lot to see and do. Perth Metro Western Australia (http://www.perthandregionalwesternaustralia.com/perth.html) is a site that has information on Perth metro. You can go sightseeing on a bus or even join an aerial tour of the city. There's shopping, galleries and museums, sailing, diving and fishing, see the Perth sunset, or even take in a visit to Rottnest Island where you can go swimming, snorkelling or surfing.

If you are seeing Perth on your own, here are some attractions not to be missed - Barrack Square and The Swan Bells, Perth Mint, Swan River, Kangaroos on Heirisson Island, Kings Park, and Perth Cultural Centre.

Accommodations are aplenty in Perth. Cheaperthanhotels.com.au is where you can find some of the best hotels at affordable rates.

Whether you're visiting the City as a tourist, a city worker or simply to shop, there is a wide range of events, attractions and cultural activities to experience.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I've yet to visit Perth.

    For interest sake, I just found out that Perth has the same time zone as Malaysia! Yet I didn't know for so long! I'm so pathetic.

  2. Perth is also almost midway between KL and Sydney.

    I have a colleague whose children are there and he goes to visit them every year around this time, Dec.

  3. So you are planning to go Perth?