Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to Increase Your Business Revenue

If you are running an online business either selling products or services, you would want people to visit your website and buy your products or services, Philadelphia Adwords can make it happen.

Philly AdWords is a full-service advertising agency specializing in sales-oriented strategies for small to medium sized businesses. Their Pay Per Click in Philadelphia has helped many businesses generate increased sales. Each Pay Per Click campaign that they take on is monitored daily and is fine-tuned to maximize revenue at the most efficient investment.

Besides Pay Per Click management, their other core products and services include Online Branding, Online Media Buying, Traditional Media Buying, Social Media Strategies, Web Hosted Telephony, E-Commerce Consultation, Sales Training, and Sponsorship Sales. With their expertise and experience, no other company is in a better position to help any business with SEM in Philadelphia.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing involves people searching for a product or service that you offer. Your website shows up at the top of the results. A visitor clicks to review your site and your offerings, then emails you, calls you or buys your product online. That's what Philly Adwords do. They make all this happen on your website thus generating sales. Watch a video of how Philly Adwords can make a difference to your business.


  1. hey, now you just got me thinking, are you involved in online business?if yes, how is business going for you?

    Been thinking how to go about doing online business but just dont know where to start, can share?

    drop me an email if you feel like sharing with me, ya?

    thank you and hey have a happy merry christmas to you and the rest of the family

  2. Thanks for the tip, HappySurfer.

    I like the randomness in your blog. One day you can be introducing this, and the next post, you will be introducing something totally unrelated.

    Reading your posts is really enriching. Not sure if you get any benefits for doing so much promoting, but keep them coming.

    Sometimes I wonder if you are full-time doing online surfing, you seem to be online alot.

    Anyway, great job!

  3. Hmm... how about a post called "10 random facts about HappySurfer?"

    I'm sure many of us are curious to know more about this Happy Surfer.

    Things like whether you are single/married/attached. Or what kind of guys you are looking for. Haha, kidding on this. But serious on the "10 random facts" suggestion.


  4. Hi Eugene, wish I have info to share with you but I'm not in online business (yet). Will be sure to send sources your way should I come across any. In the meantime, you could check out Philly Adwords..

  5. Shingo, Shingo, Shingo, what can I say, you've got me in a spot. LOL!

    No, not really. But first up, thank you for your kind comments and for liking the randomness of my posts. Hey, afterall I'm unpredictable what..

    Benefits? Yeah, I get traffic and intelligent people (like yourself) reading my yadda, yadda..

    Fulltime? Not really. I'm just passionate about the web and reading to satiate that thirst for knowledge. And I love to share what I know (which could be misconstrued sometimes, I know.)

    Asking for the "10 random facts about HappySurfer" clearly shows you are a new reader to my blog. I shall not spoil the fun for you. The beans are in the archives.

    At one time, memes were the rage. But of course, I don't do memes if you had noticed, and if I did, one of them would have me reveal facts about HappySurfer and all would be lost, wouldn't it? If I had done that meme on "7 Famous People I have met" I would have let people at the office know who HappySurfer is and that would be horrors!

    Frankly, I value my privacy and no, I wouldn't have the guts to shovel snow in the raw albeit with angel wings. hehe..

    Have we got 10 random facts yet? Of course you have to know that
    * I am real. and... let me tell you I am weird too.. lolololololol.......

    Gosh, this comment is so long, I could make this into a post too. Should I?

  6. You really are a mysterious lady.

    I respect your desire to remain anonymous. Of course I know you are real, and I guess your online chirpy and positive mentality really mirrors what you are in real-life. ^_^

    Looking forwrad to learn more random facts from your site!

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