Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Cutting Edge Technology for Fire Retardation/Fire Rating

More often than not, newspapers feature disasters or bad news on their frontpage. This goes to show that bad news sells. I just opened up TheStar online and as usual, there is more news featuring catastrophes than pleasant news. One of them is a passenger ferry disaster in northern Philiipines, a second disaster in three days! Another item is on the bus accident that killed ten, another a heist, yet another unruly Christmas revellers in Gurney Drive, Penang. The only good news headlined is the increase in price for cigarettes beginning Jan 1, though smokers would take that as bad news.

On extended dry hot spells, fire would most likely add to the disasters. Fires can actually be avoided or perhaps damage could be minimised and lives saved with new improved fire rating materials.

Fire rating used to be referred to as fire proofing but now fire rating is the preferred term as there is really no way anyone can fire-proof anything.

In buildings, there is now a leading edge fire protection for structural steel. Nullifire S707 intumescent basecoat is the most advanced and versatile water-based fire protection coating of its type. Among other advantages, Nullifire S707 intumescent coating system comprising of primer, intumescent coating and top seal provides high quality, decorative fire protection for structural steelwork for up to 2 hours. What this means is that it allows more time for occupants to get out to safety.

There are many ways of fire rating and fight-fighting, fire spray is only one of them. Products carried by Remedial Building Services of Australia are popular with the construction industry for their compliance to stringent standards and are safe for use.


  1. Sounds like a great prevention system....but I guess.the price tag must be huge too right?

  2. I believe everything is relative, Tekkaus. Besides, when it comes to safety, no price is too much. I'm sure you will agree.