Monday, December 7, 2009

Skiing in Argentina

Just as the Swiss Alps or Aspen, Colorado, are the Winter wonderland in the Northern Hemisphere in Europe and the U.S., Argentina is the equivalent in the Southern Hemisphere in South America.

Every Winter, hordes of holiday-makers make their way to the beautiful Patagonian slopes to ski in Argentina.

Because of the popularity of the venue, Argentina ski resorts enjoy a high occupancy rate with vacationers making reservations long before they are due to arrive. Each winter sees more and more tourists and in order not to be disappointed, ski and hotel packages are snapped up even before the first snowfall.

Two very popular ski resorts are the Cerro Cathedral Ski Resort and the Cerro Chapelco. Both resorts have a wide range of accommodations, all beautiful, well-equipped and conveniently located to amenities.

If you are planning a winter vacation to Argentina, you would want to contact They are the ski tour operator that will be able to help you with reservations and such. They have a comprehensive list of ski packages, one of which I am sure will be able to meet your need.


  1. I never knew people could ski in Argentina, always stereotyped South America as a hot country.

    But then it's close to the southern hemisphere, so oh well.

    Definitely a place to consider for skiiing, the lodgings look good.

  2. yes yes.. I want to go too..

  3. Shingo, you forgot they have highlands too? You must be thinking of that Ipanema girl. haha...

    Yeah, the lodgings look great, and great scenery too.

    Robin, me too...

  4. Skiing in Argentina is a popular activity during the winter, especially in the Patagonia area. I remember I tried once in Villa La Angostura. What a beautiful city! I have heard ll Patagonia looks like that. I had stayed in my buenos aires apartment for a month (I had wonderful time, visited Puerto Madero, Recoleta and Palermo stores) and then headed down to the South. Chocolate is one of my best memories haha