Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Holiday at Avista Resort

I just got back from a short vacation in Penang, the Pearl of the Orient. Unfortunately, the hotel I stayed in is nowhere like Myrtle Beach Resort being located in downtown Georgetown. Myrtle Beach Resorts would have provided a much more memorable holiday experience I am sure.

Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts
are popular accommodations with holiday-makers. There is nothing more relaxing than having a holiday condo with a view to start with.

Avista Resort
is a new Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort designed with the customer in mind. All the attractions and activities plus the beach and the warm weather would melt away all traces of any stress and leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Avista Resort
will be a perfect spot for family fun, romantic getaways, weddings, conventions, golf or full body relaxation. That is one holiday destination that is going on my holiday list.


  1. wow, i didn't know there are now so much nice resort in penang.. my memory still stays with all the nice yummilicious penang food, hahahaha!! hmmm, i think i have not been to penang for like more than 10 years!! OMG~~

  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    You stayed at the Hard Rock hotel in Penang? :)

  3. I heard Penang has plenty of good food and did you visit the snake temple?

  4. SK, this is not in Penang but in the U.S. And yes, there are more hotels in Penang now both in Batu Ferringhi as well as downtown Georgetown.

    This trip, I found the food not as delicious as formerly. Maybe we didn't go to the right stalls? Prices may be slightly cheaper, the portions are correspondingly smaller.

    Traffic, esp on Sat night, was horrendous! Roads are still same narrow and lots of motorbikes zipping in and out. Takes some getting used to. More shopping malls though.

  5. Mei Teng, we stayed at Sunway Georgetown, New Lane (or Jalan Baru), Off Macalister Road. My friends wanted some place where food is readily available. There are coffeeshops with foodstalls just beside the hotel. The best food there has to be the grilled chicken wings (and drumsticks). A word of caution though, coffeeshops there don't open early so no kopi-o in the mornings.

    We went on a drive along Ferringhi and passed by Hard Rock Hotel - purple and grey exterior - as well as others.

    Friends who stayed there the same time we were in Penang commented that the rooms there are small and hardly any space to add a bed. Rooms in Sunway are bigger by comparison.

    I'd recommend Sunway Georgetown if you'd prefer a downtown hotel. Batu Ferringhi is too far out and could be quite inconvenient. You can book Sunway Georgetown Hotel online. We paid RM165 nett per night - rate includes daily breakfast for two and a welcome drink (for two).

  6. Ai Shiang, frankly, I was disappointed with the food this time around. The food at Gurney Drive was lagi teruk! Oops!

    We tried the asam laksa, fried koay teow, Indian rojak, muah chee, ABC (ayer batu campur) and wanted to try more when the rain came pouring down, so food binge was cut short. Besides, we all agreed that the food was nothing to rave about. Oh well..

    Come over to KL for better food. Honest! haha...

    Oh, snake temple? I visited the place the last trip so we skipped. Actually, I didn't go into the snake temple but waited outside for the rest. Snakes give me the creeps...

    We made a trip to Kek Lok Si Temple though and saw the huge statue of Goddess of Mercy. It is a beautiful work of art. We went to Penang Hill too which was my first time. Nice place. Tram ride was smooth.

  7. I stayed at the Batu Ferringhi hotel when I was at Penang a few years back. That was just a few months befor ethe tsunami.

    I'm still wondering if the cheerful guy who manned the para-sailing stall in Batu Ferringhi is still alive. =(

  8. yep.. next destination?