Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Installing a Home Gym for Convenience

Gyms are becoming popular again here in Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully, that is a good sign of people becoming more aware of the benefits of exercise and keeping fit and trim.

Our busy work schedule can sometimes derail our exercise routine. Some of us with cash and space to spare could easily work around that by having one of those home gyms thus eliminating the need to travel to and from the gym. Are you one of those who have a gym membership?


  1. I wish I can have one. But at the moment I'm satisfied with my treadmill and my weights for my workout at home.
    Installing one at home is definitely not cheap!

  2. Same here. I wish I can have one too. :D

  3. hmmm, i still prefer to go to the gym rather than working out at home.. first thing, there are better and more complete set of equipment in the gym, and secondly you are not alone and you get more motivated looking at others working out in the gym rather than at home.. :)

  4. Lina, oh, you've got a mini gym at home. How convenient! I hear a workout bike does wonders to one's abs.

    Tekkaus, saves time making it all the way to the gym, eh?

    SK, it sure takes some discipline there. Good that you're still taking the effort to hit the gym. Good for you!