Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chinese Horoscope 2010, Year of the Tiger

We are fast approaching the end of yet another lunar year, the Ox year. The Year of the Tiger takes over next from Feb 14, 2010 and will last until Feb 2, 2011.

What does the Tiger Year hold for each one of us. Is it going to be a good year or one with challenges?

In the olden days, Chinese people would consult the Almanac to have an idea of what's in store the following year. True or false, it gives some direction to avoiding major pitfalls or to carry out important activities. These days, people read the horoscope more for the fun of it, I think.

Want to know what's in store for you, anyway? Among Horoscope readings received from well-meaning friends and co-workers, I've picked the best I think is good for sharing here. It's a bit long though, so I thought I'd create a blog where I can park it without it taking too much space here on this blog.

Read Chinese Horoscope 2010 to find out what's the general outlook for you next lunar year in terms of your career, wealth, relationship, health, people around you, for the animal year you were born in.


  1. Thanks for the link HS! I have just read it. :p Yay! A good year for me.

  2. hmmm, i don't really believe in this, because it's too general, you have to know there are millions of people who are having the same horoscope as you..

  3. You're welcome, Tekkaus. Good for you!

    SK, haha... of course it's general, afterall the Chinese almanac is a universal book applicable to everyone. One thing I find bad about such readings is that some people tend to dwell on the not-so-good 'predictions' and make themselves miserable. Best to just read it and not be controlled by it though some advice in the almanac may be helpful. I suppose the test of it is to go back and read it a year later to see whether it's accurate.

  4. Thanks for the link! I always read the horoscope with a pinch of salt cos they are at most only 15% accurate. For more accuracy, we have to look at our Bazi as well : )

  5. Foong, I feel it is still good to know the macro view and if required, drill deeper with a Bazi reading.

    Strange as it may seem, a macro view can provide a rough guide so as to avoid pitfalls during the year. Happy new year of the Tiger to you, Foong.

  6. I did know check when is Chinese New Year, thank you for the information.

    I rarely read horoscope, but it is interesting to know and get tickled...

    have A Shining Sunday
    Awesome post.

  7. Firstly,wish you a very happy new year.Thanks for all the details.I know Chinese language and i read about the history too.Thanks also for the horoscope link.Have bookmarked this page.