Sunday, June 28, 2009

Are You an Event Organizer?

Going to a trade show these days can be quite a delightful experience, be it a computer fair, a furniture fair or an exporter's fair. The trade show booths are colourful, informative and very appealing. Professionalism seems to be the order of the day. Even the table skirts are attractive and comes in various designs.

Nowadays, it is no longer a hassle setting up display booths for a trade show. Everything from truss to trade show flooring, banner stands, directors chairs, light boxes, exhibit counters & cabinets, literature Holders, trade show furniture, booth pipe & drape, table covers, and exhibit graphics can be purchased from one-stop trade show display shops.

Take Camelback Display Inc., for instance. They supply all of the above and more and have been around since 1999. They are the leader in providing real options for companies needing trade show booths. The company practically sells every type of portable display under the sun.

If you are in the trade show business or an event organizer, or even one who organizes school exhibits, Camelback Display is where you would want to get your materials from.


  1. I used to work as part of the event organiser team. Ha :D

  2. Oh, did you? It must have been fun though it could involve hardwork and tight timelines..

  3. Well been to events definitely but never organised them before :P

  4. Jim, yeah, most of us are lucky in a sense. We just see the best side, the finished product, if you will, not the preparation side of an event.

    We sometimes fail to see the amount of work that goes into a successful event, be it an art show, a trade or travel fair, or even a fund-raiser. What about organizing a concert? Everything from artwork to banners to ticket booths to venue-reservation, etc., has to be taken care of. That would definitely be a skill-honing experience, don't you think? Ahh... let's just go enjoy the event.