Tuesday, June 30, 2009

H1N1 Update - June 30

Go here for the update on August 9 - 18 deaths todate

I noticed my blog stats recorded a hit to a query, "Is it safe to travel to KL in view of the H1N1 flu". If you, the enquirer happens to be reading this post, let me assure you that it is safe to travel to KL and Malaysia for that matter.

We are doing all we can to contain the spread and nurse those infected. We have even gone to the point of urging Sarawakians studying in Australia not to come back to curb H1N1.

Todate, there has been a total of 144 cases with 20 new H1N1 cases being reported - 16 were imported and four locally transmitted involving 13 Malaysians and seven foreigners – a Vietnamese, a German, an Australian, a Japanese, an American and two Indonesians.

Indeed, there has been an over-emphasis of the H1N1 flu and has affected tourism. By comparison, SARS has killed more people with a mortality rate of one per 12 vis-a-vis one per 220 for H1N1 according to the World Health Organisation.

A letter published in The Star a few days ago highlighted that at the Tuas checkpoint, there was no health screening on the thousands who entered Malaysia (from Singapore) via the checkpoint. Could it be because the H1N1 flu spreads easily but is not so deadly? And, chew on this, there is no H1N1 screening at Heathrow in London. This is a tweet on Twitter: Arrived in London yesterday - no H1N1 checks at Heathdrow, not even forms to fill and no cameras! Unbelievable!


  1. Influenza A may not be too deadly, but quarantine is a hassle. Can't even go out to buy food. Looks like I need to stock some biscuits and instant noodle just in case...

  2. KS, I was thinking the same. Serious business, eh? Knock on wood!

  3. Well....it's because H1N1 haven't mutated yet. So we'd better pray it won't. It's better to be safe than sorry...it's better for the tourism to be affected for while rather than some innocent lives being robbed! =(

  4. Honestly I think this H1N1 is overhyped.

  5. Luckily H1N1 is not as serious and deadly as SARS. Otherwise, we will be in a state of panic right now!

  6. Tekkaus, right you are. Btw, did you know that in Malaysia dengue has killed more people? In fact, we are down-playing dengue which shouldn't be the case. H1N1 is actually being over-hyped. We should be more worried about dengue fever.

    Jim, H1N1 is over-hyped - I am with you on this.

    Foong, absolutely. SARS kept us indoors consciously. I remember I went out a lot less in the days of SARS and hoping it would go away soon. Scary!