Saturday, June 6, 2009

So You Want A Pet Dog?

Keeping pets is serious business though there is limited choices of animal or rather pet products here. I am referring to pet dogs in particular.

Even if my life depended on it, I wouldn't know where to look for a pet shop that stocks something as important as a dog bedding or other dog care products.

I mean, if one has a pet dog, wouldn't it make sense to give him or her the best or at least the best of the minimum necessary? I know I would treat him or her as one of the family though just short of having him or her at the same table at mealtimes.

Many of my friends who keep a dog or two at home resort to online shopping for their dog grooming needs. Travelling to more advanced countries also enable them to bring back gifts and toys for their pets.


  1. about pet shops? I saw the very big Pets World in Midvalley, should have some of the stuff dog owners want I believe. ;)

  2. I wanted to have my very own dog...but I thing it's impossible. Ha :D Fish is ok too.

  3. Our dog adopted us. Now we're a part of HER family!

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  5. Jim, am glad we are catching up in this area.

    T, fish is good too. At least, you would keep burglar charms from working. Did you know about that?

    PandaB, that is such a sweet thing to say. Momo is so very lucky to have found you and K. She must be all excited about Bluesette's maiden voyage.

  6. Dear Abagale, thank you so much for the honour. Will be happy to submit posts to the directory.