Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Don't Want Your Dumplings...

Are people getting badder? Blame it on food? On the environment? Perhaps on global warming?

To cater to the breakfast crowd, restaurants here start work early. Picture below shows a kitchen of a Chinese dumpling or tim sum restaurant. Wait, there is more. The man on the right is wielding a parang, a long blade knife.

Smile, you are on candid camera! I think this image is from the video camera recording a robbery yesterday in which seven parang-wielding robbers terrorised several businesses in Puchong in an hour-long robbing spree beginning at 5.30am.

Was it worth the effort? They made off with approximately RM9,000, seven cellular phones, some jewellery and a school bag after hitting five restaurants and a hotel that were just opening for business yesterday..

Source: The Star


  1. Stupid robbers. They didn't wear masks...

  2. I read about this news too. Perhaps they thought they can go for plastic surgery later. LOL :D

  3. Well...the economy is bad right now...more and more people are feeling pinch. Some desperate men will do whatever to satisfy their needs. =(

  4. KS, they sure need some schooling in the art of robbery. Oops!

    Tekkaus, LOL! about the plastic surgery. Yeah, every little bit counts, I guess. But surely not at the expense of other people's safety and hard-earned money! Hope they get nabbed soon.

  5. zeroimpact11:11 PM

    I wonder what else is next... school bus drivers???

  6. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Scary indeed. These ppl are getting very brave.

  7. The robber's face is captured on camera. Did the police catch him? Or the police sibuk minum teh?

  8. Nowadays people very desperate. Will rob in daytime and even in crowded areas. Cos nobody cares or dare to help you when you are being robbed!

  9. Z, oh, they'll think of something! Crooks are getting too creative these days.

    Mei Teng, indeed! We, esp ladies, need to be extra careful even on the street.

    Ai Shiang - LOL. No, police has yet to identify the others and their cars were fitted with false number plates. Let's go for teh tarik in the meantime.

    Foong, you are right about no one cares or dares to help you when it happens. Sad and scary. We lack a caring society here in the city. I wonder if it's only in KL.

  10. Ah yes, read the newspaper, they caught a few them? OR did I read it wrong haha.