Friday, June 5, 2009

The Summer Trend

Ah, summer is here again! Though it's summer all-year-round here, what is there to prevent us from being in trend like our sisters and brothers of temperate climes, eh?

For you, fashionistas, Vogue UK has drawn up an interesting list of fail-safe options to add some pizazz to your wardrobe, your life, this summer:

The options include:

* Buy a hat (or a head scarf or a hair accessory of some description - the ponytail tubes at Louis Vuitton are a good option);

* Buy a really, really fabulous pair of heels (you need asking twice?);

* Buy at least one single-shouldered dress (one for evening and one for summer daytime flirting would be best);

* Buy something gold;

* Plan plenty of monochrome outfits;

* Put all your blues together, and all your greens, and practice wearing them layered up, all at once;

* If you're keen to invest in one of the bags of the season, go for a long strapped one slung across your body or clutch a teeny weeny one in your palm (as at Chanel and Louis Vuitton), or, for the real deal (and bank) breaker, check out the scrunchy, hand-held ones at Prada, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton;

* Plus, if you're feeling brave and you really want to look the spring/summer 2009 part, be the first to master Stefano Pilati's Yves Saint Laurent baggy nappy pants. We dare you.

There, you have it - and there's more..

The A - Z trend of the season.

Happy Summer and Have Fun!!


  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Hey I just got myself a summer hat! :)

  2. buy a really really fabulous pair of heels eh? :P i'm so bad at wearing heels. i don't typically know how to walk with heels.

    and gold is an in thing this summer?

    ahh... summer. makes u think of beaches, don't u think? im thinking, a dip in sipadan then a good dive trip would be THE ultimate summer. :)

  3. Hey Mei Teng, good for you! You are all set for summer then.

    Chiaoju, what great thoughts for summer. Enjoy!!

    Heels and gold - don't they go great together!