Sunday, June 28, 2009

Give the Gift of Silberman's

Forgot to get your dad a Father's Day gift or perhaps you need to get a male relative or friend a gift for a birthday? Here's an idea.

Give the gift of a pair of pants. How about a pair of Levi's or a pair from the Wrangler Western Wear collection? You may be wondering, why pants?

In the Chinese custom, the word pants has the same sound as wealth or prosperity, so presenting a pair of pants for someone's birthday is a most auspicious gift. Yeah, I'm traditional that way..

Alternatively, the most versatile gift would be gift certificates from Their Silberman's Army and Navy gift certificates would be a splendid choice. Besides shirts and pants, Silberman's stocks a wide range of boots, from Timberland Pro to Wolverine boots to even Harley Davidson boots, and more.


  1. Already got my father's day gift. :D But the pants is indeed a brilliant gift idea. Granted you know you dad's size.

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I have never ever thought of buying pants as a gift for my dad. Usually, a dinner will suffice :)

  3. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my post. Buying pants is a unique idea!

  4. Buying pants as a gift? Never done that before cos I'm not sure if it fits.

    Gifts certificates are better. Then he can choose what he wants!

  5. Ah! I never knew that "pants" has the same sound as "wealth", is that in cantonese? Haha! Does that mean that your dad will be getting many pair of pants from you?

    Having said that, I thought father's day was last week, wasn't it?

  6. Ai Shiang, yes, Father's Day was last Sunday. Of course, there are many other occasions for pants-gifts. That's Cantonese.

    Foong, I agree. Gift certs are more practical unless you know the person's size.

    Hi Asha, sure is and you are welcome. Thanks for coming by too.

    Mei Teng, a new gift-idea now, eh?

    Tekkaus, true, but it's not difficult. Just go on a shopping spree with him.

  7. hmmm, it's not easy to get a pair of pants as a gift, because of the cutting and style preference.. unless you know that person very very well.. i never have thot of that as a gift anyway.. :)

  8. So true, SK. We certainly have to know the person well enough to know his size but then again, the person may not like the pattern or cut or whatever of the 101 things about a pair of pants. LOL!