Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Artist's Work is Never Done

Art is so varied. It allows for endless opportunities for expression of one's creativity. In other words, anything goes. Of course, we are not talking about mainstream, conventional paint-on-canvas art here.

Let's start with sidewalk art. These 3D drawings are so real that at times, it is difficult to tell where art ends and reality begins. Two of Julian Beever's works for your appreciation.

Julian Beever is an English artist who’s famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium.

And then there is sand art. Those of us who have dabbled in making sand-castles on the beach would know how difficult it is to make a form and make it look real, let alone remarkable. Here, Homer Simpson is relaxing after a hard day.

Vegetables sometimes do not end up in the pot but on a canvas like this vegetable art of the famous lady with the mysterious smile, Mona Lisa.

Here is another interesting work of art, Azevedo's Ice Sculptures of Melting Men. Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo created hundreds of sitting figures out of ice. The installation lasted till the last one melted in the heat of the day.

This installation of a Chair building is Art too. This and the one above of Melting Men are among 10 Fascinating Art Installations. Doesn't this Chair building remind you of piling up chairs at the back of the classroom end-of-schoolterm?

And finally, no art is complete without some form of nudity. For more art appreciation, please visit Spencer Tunick's photo album. Interesting work. I salute the models.


  1. What a fun post.

    An professor made a lasting impression on me with his definition of art: "Art is what artists do."

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Nice work by the artist! I am impressed with the sandart and chairs piling high up. Mona Lisa's hands looked creepy though...hahha

  3. They are a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I am waiting for "chalk the walk" event here too. Those artists paint on the bridge. They are something similiar to those on your post.

  4. A very fun post you got here. Yupe! Artists have to keep reinventing and find ways to innovate with arts. I personally like 2 second one. :D

  5. i love the 1st and 2nd ones. I've seen his other works before and man, he's totally amazing!

  6. Wow. Very interesting! I like the chairs and the melting men best!

  7. Happysurfer, tell me what you think about my new thumbnail. Cast you vote here. Feel free to leave your comment. Thanks :D

  8. PandaB, haha.. very wise, that professor of yours.

    Mei Teng, Mona Lisa has always been an enigma - and now, veg hands included. LOL!

  9. Ai Shiang, that sounds like a fun art event. Sydney harbour views will be nicely captured on canvas then. Hope we'll get to see some artwork. Eh?

    T, yeah, that's an amazing piece.

  10. Jim, totally amazing, alright.

    Foong, I like the "Melting men" work too. I wonder how long it took for all of them to melt away.

    T, voted.

  11. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Kudos to Genius artists!!! Very brilliant masterpieces. Clap clap clap

  12. Hi Rej, glad you like them.