Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bungy jumping - new attraction at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Bungy-jumping is certainly not for the faint of heart. Have you done it or will you ever try it? Like other sports that get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping, bungy-jumping can also be considered a life-time experience, one that a person most likely will not experience it a second or a third time. Just my guess. I know this sport is certainly not for me.

However, for adrenaline junkies or if you would like to at least try it once, very soon, Malaysia will have its very own permanent bungy-jump attraction. This new attraction will be introduced at Sunway Lagoon. Talks are underway between Sunway Lagoon and AJ Hackett International Group and this sport is expected to be available between three to six months time.

Overseas, each jump can set you back US100 (approx RM350). However, spokesperson of Sunway Lagoon has assured that the price will be affordable to the public. Eligibility is for those above 10 years of age.

Update: Mar 14, 2011

THE first permanent bungy jumping site is now open at the Sunway Lagoon’s Extreme Park’s suspension bridge.

Thrill-seekers will be free-falling 22m above the water, a height equivalent to a nine-storey building.

Jumpers will have the option of doing either individual bungy jump or the water-touch which allows the jumper’s head to touch the water before the bungy cord pulls the jumper upwards.

You would have to be at least 10 years of age in order to participate and have to be of a minimum weight of 35kg or maximum of up to 285kg.

Each jump is priced at RM100 (non-MyKad holder) and RM50 (MyKad holder). Those who are planning to go on a complete thrill seeking experience can enjoy both the existing G-Force X Reverse Bungy and the Bungy Jump with a combo ticket priced at RM150 (non-MyKad holder) and RM70 (MyKad holder).

All successful jumpers would receive a Bungy Jump Certificate from Bungy Malaysia.

Source: The Star


  1. Considering that this is a totally unnecessary activity and the risks start with the guaranteed loss of $100 and go up from there to include serious injury or death (granted a small risk)....No thanks.

  2. Really? Sunway Lagoon will have bundy jumping soon? Wow! Gotta try it if possible. :D

  3. Anonymous9:59 PM

    This is a scary stunt. Did you try this out? I don't think I want to try this out here. There's a good and safe one in NZ.

  4. Former US President Bush senior just had his 85th birthday parachuting. Wondering if we will ever see a senior citizen in Malaysia do the bungy jumping...

  5. what a coincidence. I was writing a post about Theme Parks as well! Haven't post it yet though.

  6. I will give it a miss.. was staying there and saw the quality of the place.

    If they only care to maintain it....

  7. PandaB, actually... my thoughts too. I will only risk my life if I have a control over the action. Hang-gliding is the only extreme sports I might attempt.

    Tekkaus, look out for updates.

    Mei Teng, hey, this is good and safe lah. The company is the one that operates bungy-jumping overseas. No, I have not tried it. Will not try.

    KS, not a very fair comparison, wor. Parachuting is a different activity altogether. Mr Bush might have done that in his days while how many of us go thru bungy-jumping in our days? Besides, Mr Bush was parachuting with someone close-by (according to the picture I saw). Still, it takes guts - for both activities, eh? Will you be trying bungy-jumping or have you?

  8. Ai Shiang, yeah, what a coincidence. Have you been to Sunway Lagoon?

    Robin, do you mean the hotel or the theme park? Most unfortunate if maintenance is neglected. The last time I went to the hotel and the theme park (separate occasions) was many years ago.

  9. don't worry everybody!
    if you follow the instruction and health condition is will be ok.there's no effect on your body as well.
    this bungy jump handled by the pioneer and original bungy jump company...AJ HACKETT.
    u are not killing your self.just for your experience.try it..woohooooo!

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  11. wow... awesome, i like it