Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Golf Trophies or What?!

The hot and dry spell we are experiencing is not all bad. Personally, I prefer dry weather to rainy weather. Dry weather allows more mobility though humidity is quite a challenge at times. Also, we don't hear of landslides and other weather-related calamities.

The other day, my friends and I were talking about landslides and what would we rescue in the event that you have to grab a few things and run out of the house. Yeah, what would you grab in those few minutes before the house caves in. (Knock on wood!) Would you grab the important documents, your jewellery box? Your cat? Your golf trophies? Your clothes maybe? What? Food for thought, eh?


  1. For is for sure important documents. :D

  2. Oh, I prefer rainy days! haha! Or at least cloudy and breezy - that's my kind of weather!

    For me, I will grab all my important documents and after that, whatever I can grab!

  3. hmmm, if i'm gonna evacuate in an emergency from my office.. i think i'll grab my laptop -- so that i can still continue blogging about this incident!! hahaha :D

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I don't even know what I would grab. Frankly, in times of emergency, just run as quickly as possible and I don't think you even have the time to grab important documents, cash etc.

    I don't like dry spells...water cut might happen.

  5. Keep important docs, photo negatives, in a safe place like a bank deposit box. Digital photos can be kept on a server. Have a backpack of food and water for 3 days, first aid, and a change of clothes - or underwear at least - (called an earthquake kit in Japan). We'd take Momo doggy of course (she's got food in the earthquake kit too). All else is impermanent anyway.

  6. I like a mixture of shine and rain. Better still if it shines in the day but rains in the night, and best of all if this happens every day :P

    As for fires, supposing they do happen, I'd grab my wallet and say ciao XD

  7. Tekkaus, that would be my choice too though I'd also grab my handbag and my handphone, if it's not already in the handbag. Time is the essence so I'd have to rush out fast.

    Foong, ditto on the important documents.

    Rainy days are what we need now, eh?

  8. SK, yeah, naturally. On many occasions during our office fire-drills, I was tempted to also bring along my handbag to make the drill look real but decided against it. LOL!

    Mei Teng, now you would have an idea of what to do. Still no?

    Yeah, water cut is much dreaded.

  9. PandaB, thank you very much. That is great advice. Do all Japanese families have this ready? Oh yes, and Momo, of course.

    Jim, yes, the wallet! Afterall, at the very least, our ID card, drivers license, credit/charge cards are all in there, aren't they?