Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wholesale News and Resources

I know I have said it many times before and will not tire of saying it, but the Internet is really a wonderful resource for information be it for business or for leisure. Just about anything you need to know about anything can be found online. Take wholesale business, for example.

Wholesale business is big time. It entails every aspect of the business being big, many times in magnitude over a non-wholesale business. Anyone who is thinking of starting a wholesale business would have to be very well-equipped with the relevant knowledge of the mechanics of running such a large business.

For a start, what better place to search for information than online. There is this website I stumbled on that has Wholesale News and Sources for the Latest in the Wholesale Industry. In this very up-to-date website, you will find Insider Tips to Online and Offline Wholesale Marketing, and Sourcing.

This site covers everything: from running a wholesale business to selling wholesale items in retail outlets; finding reputable vendors to making contracts with vendors for exclusive selling rights; reviews of new opportunities in wholesale trading and drop shipping to insights on owning a successful home-based web business. Their library is well-stocked with articles and how-to guides for wholesale e-business companies.

Mostly, the articles are eye-opening, interesting and easy to read. This article, e.g., on Wholesale Sourcing Opportunity - An inside look at an Asian bazaar, tells of sourcing for products in Chatuchak market in Bangkok. You can learn a thing or two here about shopping in bulk and shipping them back to your desired destination. is a free e-mail based subscription newsletter of wholesale sources of information and latest news important to the wholesale industry. The authors and contributors have extensive experience in either wholesale trading, e-commerce development, or successfully running an e-business from home. The goal of this newsletter is to provide a 360-degree picture of wholesale e-trading to readers to keep them up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the industry.

Appropriately taglined "The Official Newsletter of the Wholesale Industry", there is no better resource than the wholesalenewsletter for news and tips on everything wholesale and more, from Bulk Drop Shipping, eBay, eBusiness, Homebased business and Warehousing. For specific topics, do check out the site's tag-cloud on the sidebar. This newsletter is indeed the wholesale source of wholesale sources, a real asset for anyone planning on starting a wholesale business.


  1. Yes I agree internet is so useful. Don't know what I'll do without it!

    Btw, I've got 2 awards for you. Come and get them : )

  2. hmmm.. internet, like all tools is empty of its own nature.. and is neither good nor bad.

    What is important is the intention. What do we intent to achieve from surfing the net.

    In this case, it is put to good use to promote extra income.

  3. Foong, thank you so much for the two awards. It is tough conferring awards, isn't it? I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Robin, I agree that nothing is good or bad. It is the thinking that makes it so. However, life is a lot easier if one perceives things in a positive rather than a negative light, don't you think so?

    The Internet is actually our way of life now. When power goes off in the office, those without a laptop would be twiddling their thumbs waiting impatiently for the power to come back on. For those who generate income from the Net, the Internet is a good thing. Can anyone be considered to be addicted to the Internet considering that we live and breath Internet?

  4. You are view are good about wholesale business "well-equipped with the relevant knowledge of the mechanics of running such a large business" If we have full knowledge about business then it is good for our business...

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