Monday, June 22, 2009

What is Your Favourite House Plan?

A relative and his family are waiting for their new house to be ready so that they can begin the house renovation.

Here in Malaysia, most house-buyers would make some house-renovations before they move in, that is, if space permits.

Besides having the wardrobe and cabinetry done, the kitchen area would most likely be altered to include a dry and a wet kitchen. This seems to be the trend here.

I can foresee many hours would be spent studying the home plans and going over them with the home renovators. House-owners would also need to pay attention to the extent of renovation involved as any alteration to the exterior would need the approval of the local authorities.

A friend and his family recently moved into their sprawling home which they commissioned a house-builder to have it built. The entire process took a couple of years from idea to home plans to fruition of seeing the physical house. Theirs would have been luxury home plans the house being located in an exclusive area of guarded properties.

Some house-buyers may not like the hassle of designing their own home. For them, there are home-plans readily available, from a range of many types of architectural styles, such as cottage home plans, bungalow, country house, farmhouse, lake-house and many others. One can choose the home plan that best suits one's needs.


  1. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Commissioning a house builder to design and build according to one's desire is nice....but not everyone has a budget for it.

  2. Yupe! Some of the renovation really need local authorities permission. If not they will demolish it. :)

  3. Mei Teng, so true that.

    Tekkaus, it's wiser to submit the plan for approval before any renovation work is done. A fine is normally levied before any other action is taken. However I think no approval is needed if the renovation does not alter the exterior of the house.