Saturday, June 13, 2009

Are You Part of a Uniformed Workforce?

Uniforms enhance business image which subsequently improve business. Studies reveal that customers are more inclined to do business with employees in uniform because they are viewed as members of an organized, professional team. In turn, employees who wear uniforms take greater pride in their organization and become more supportive of its business goals. Additionally, brand recognition can be increased with the introduction and implementation of unique uniforms or uniform elements, offering a form of "free advertising."

Do you have a uniform dresscode in your company? If you do and are looking for a company that supplies uniforms, you may want to check out UniFirst.

UniFirst has a long and proud tradition of providing quality uniforms, from standard workwear, to protective clothing to custom image programs and corporate casual attire and providing facilities services, such as floorcare and dust control to accessory products to businesses of all sizes and types since 1936. They serve over 200,000 Customer locations from sites in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Their products are made at ISO certified facilities.

For uniforms, you have a choice of three options:

1. Uniform rental - in which all aspects of uniform administration, laundering, delivery, repairs, replacements are handled by UniFirst.

2. Uniform leasing - which covers all facets of a uniform rental program, but employees take care of laundering their own uniform garments.

3. Uniform purchase - in which customers assume total responsibility for their uniform program.

For more details, visit their Program Options page.


  1. hmmm... seriously, wearing uniform at work is kinda pushing team work to the max.. or trying to de-identify the worker..

  2. Robin, both pros and cons and for both the management and the workforce. Generates income for the uniform contractor though.

  3. Hi There

    Interesting blog...wondering what interest you have in uniforms and UniFirst

  4. Hi Harli. Thank you for your kind comment. Well, for starters, uniforms add a certain smartness and professionalism, don't you think? And Unifirst is one uniform company with all the uniform essentials. Looking forward to your next visit.