Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flashmob at KL International Airport

Ranked #9 in Skytrax's World's Best Airports list, recently the Kuala Lumpur International Airport added another utility function to its portfolio. It was a venue of a MAS-organized flashmob. Btw, you may also want to check out the flashmob at Dubai Airport, but first take a look at the flashmob at KLIA. Enjoy!

If you enjoy watching flashmobs, here are a couple more. The one below was staged at Antwerp train station done to the tune of Do Re Mi of The Sound of Music fame,

and this one at New York Grand Central Station. I thought I saw Jackie Chan, the famous Hong Kong actor, in the crowd, at 0.13 or someone who looks like him.


  1. errr, really no comments on the MAS flashmob, especially after watching the others in Dubai and NYC, hahahaha~~ :D