Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting a good night's sleep

Back in the days when firecrackers were allowed to be fired during Chinese New Year, firecracker noise would be the order of the day any time of the day and night! It certainly had its downside!

Nowadays, Chinese New Year is a lot peaceful and quieter without all that din and excitement. Families with young children and babies would have a hard time ensuring they were not given to shocks. Now that those days are gone, the nights are certainly more conducive for sleep and rest after a hard day of entertaining and visiting.

Festival or not, a restful sleep is what everyone needs be it on a bed from log bedroom furniture or from a waterbed collection. I wonder if it's true about getting rheumatism from prolonged sleep on a waterbed, you know the belief that too much exposure to the dampness of water is bad for the body and that sort of thing..

Any idea?

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  1. Heard of the 'wind-wet' thingy but not sure can get em sleeping on water bed. Happy Birthday its 人日rénrì Day.

  2. i think there are still people playing firecrackers and fireworks.. and i'm worried about tomorrow since it would be a big day for the hokkiens especially my neighbour across the street.. every year they play firecrackers without fail and i really couldn't sleep.. and what's more, their kids keep screaming!! gosh, feel like slapping each and everyone of them and get them to shut up!!

  3. I don't mind all the noise during CNY. Makes it more festive. Besides, I sleep pretty late so it's OK : D

  4. Bananaz, trust you had a wonderful renri day!

  5. SK, hope the firecrackers this year did not keep you up all night.

    I remember one year I was having lunch at Petaling Street in Chinatown, and we just couldn't make conversation because the firecrackers just went on and on and that too was after firecracker ban was implemented. First time there during that time of the year so wasn't expecting that kind of Chinese New Year experience.

  6. Foong, true, the noise makes it festive. Love to hear the sound of firecrackers in the distance, just not too closeby.