Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hot air balloon accident in New Zealand killing 11 people

Every fun activity is enjoyable provided it ends on a happy note. Opened The Star online this morning and was instantly hit with news of an accident of a hot air balloon which burst into flames and crashed in New Zealand killing all 11 onboard - five couples and the pilot.

Image source: The Star

According to the article, Police said the balloon appeared to have caught fire before crashing into farmland near Carterton, about 80 km (50 miles) northeast of Wellington on New Zealand's North Island.

The accident occurred just before 7.30 am in calm, clear weather in a region well known for hot air ballooning.
More on Hot air balloon crash kills 11 in New Zealand..The Star


  1. oh dear. What a tragedy.

  2. Sad indeed! A fun trip landed up in hot soup.

  3. Lina, indeed. I saw on tv yesterday or day before about a bunjee rope snapping and jumper plunging into the waters of the river below. He swam to safety. Good thing.

    Bananaz, could be the reason why a friend didn't join her tour group on that balloon ride in Turkey. Another who went thoroughly enjoyed herself.