Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hot weather today and Durian Kura-kura

It is a hot day today, temperature hitting 95deg F. Thank goodness for the aircond in the office. On days like this, the malls and shopping complexes would be popular places.

Blue skies and all things nice(?)..

The durian would be one happy fruit. Durians thrive best under hot and dry weather, just like what we are experiencing today although in some parts of the country - primarily the east coast - there is still some flooding.

Back to the funky fruit, durians are once again in season. If I were to own just one of these Tortoise durian trees, I would be one happysurfing durian fan!

I believe this is a new durian species, locally called Durian Kura-kura or translated as Tortoise durian - beats me why it's called such. See the big cluster of fruits? What's amazing too is how low these fruits are located though I see a drawback here. As the fruits are easily plucked, there is a chance they will be harvested long before they are ripe enough, which is how durians are harvested the current way. Malaysian durians are nice and sweet because they are not plucked from the tree but are allowed to fall off from the tree when they ripen naturally.
(Image source unknown. Taken from a forwarded email. If you know the source, please leave source in a comment.)

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  1. My Sis brought back some durian from our hometown and we enjoyed a durian feast last weekend! :)

  2. Ooh, yum! Was told that durians from your region (Bentong and Raub) are top quality durians in terms of taste.

  3. yeah, i think the hot weather will last until end of the week.. anyway, perhaps it's because CNY is near?? :p

  4. It's almost like this when approaching CNY to be hot and on the lunar first day lagi hot..

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  6. WOW!! Didn't know about Durian Kura-kura!

    When I saw the photo I almost couldn't believe it because I know what durian trees are like and how the fruit hangs on the tree which is on random branches instead of in a group like that in that photo.

    Very interesting! I'd actually like to try to see if it tastes any different

  7. SK, I think the hot and dry weather (with intermittent showers) will last until after Chinese New Year as usually the case.

    Mandarin oranges and dry cough come to mind..

  8. Bananaz, I'm with you. This is the time of windy hot days where cookie tins are washed and dried under the sun and flower pots get blown off their perch. You can feel the excitement of Chinese New Year in the air, spring-cleaning to be done and new clothes to be shopped. Nice.

  9. Hi, The Kid. Thanks for the heads-up. Will take a look.

  10. Rad, I too was equally surprised when I saw the pictures. I'd be looking out for these durians to see if they match up to my favorite D24.

  11. I dislike the hot weather! I was kinda enjoying the more pleasant weather during Christmas week. This is too hot and unbearable!

  12. Oh! I have never heard of durian kura kura! Interesting!

  13. But I think despite all the new species of durians coming out, I still prefer my D24! Haha! No need eat so expensive for me! : )

  14. Foong, yeah, gimme D24 anytime! For me, it's the taste that counts. D24 is generally sweeter which suits me fine.

    This heatwave normally occurs this time of the year - nearer Chinese New Year. Some rain would be welcome though.