Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thaipusam is on Tuesday, Feb 7

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As a matter of habit or interest, photography enthusiasts do travel with their photography gear when they go on ordinary work assignments (including overseas), on assignments nowhere related to photography.

A number of visiting colleagues (one from as far away as Mexico) have with them their canon camcorders and other brands as well as other related photography paraphernalia on their visit to Malaysia. They are all set to go up to Batu Caves to witness and take pictures and videos for friends and family back home, one of Malaysia's tourist attractions, Thaipusam.
The 272 steps leading up to Batu Caves. Huge statue of Lord Murugan at the foot of the hill.

In Malaysia, there are at least three places where Hindu worshippers converge at. In Kuala Lumpur, the crowd will be at the Batu Caves temple; in Penang it will be at the temple at Penang Waterfalls and in Ipoh, the temple at Gunung Cheroh.

Anyone who has been to one of these temples during Thaipusm especially the one at Batu Caves, would have experienced a lifetime experience of the energy of Thaipusam.


  1. i already feel the power of thaipusam inside the LRT every year!! so packed with the hindu devotees on their way to Batu Caves, but glad now they switch to Komuter that goes directly to the sacred place.. :)

  2. I like this colourful parade

  3. SK, less crowd on the LRT then. Yeah, the Komuter is helpful for direct access to Batu Caves. Makes it more convenient.

  4. Robin, you do? Must have been quite an experience for you to see it in person? Thaipusam draws visitors every year to Batu Caves.