Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Frolics - What Adjective Describes You?

Here is this week's Personality Quiz - What Adjective Describes You?

It's raining right now in Kuala Lumpur though the temperature outside is 91degF. Hope you are having better weather wherever you are.

Happy Friday!

You Are Discerning

Your friends would describe you as a perfectionist. You are very detail oriented.

You believe that people should do things right, and that includes yourself.

You are very sensitive and observant. You notice everything, and nothing slips past you.

You see opportunities where others do not. You are very creative and resourceful.


  1. Bananaz is Discerning sama like you again..what more to say when he is a Virginian the most common trait for a Virgo ~ a perfectionist. tQ