Sunday, February 12, 2012

Street styles in Paris during the Fashion Week

Oh my goodness, this is so up my alley. Love it!

This outfit was spotted among others on the streets in Paris during the Fashion Week. More street styles if you are interested..

Picked out a few of my favorites.

Not sure if I'd wear this.. but oh well, to each his/her own.. Love the bag and the blouse and that smile though. (I have a soft spot for big bags.)

Now this is a sweet combo.. Pink pants and purple Celine bag..

A familiar piece in my wardrobe..

Jewelry to die for..

A Chanel jacket..

This ensemble I love too.. the bag, the bag!

A see-through clutch, anyone?

Alright, the list wouldn't be complete without shoes. Here are just a few spotted on the streets of Gay Paree.

Bags? Go check them out yourself..

All images from Marie Claire


  1. I simply adore all the handbags and shoes too, great colors and style.

  2. Nava K, you've got style!

    Hi there! Long time no see. Good to have you back!

  3. hmmm, so if i see somebody wearing similar outfit on the KL street here, maybe she could be you?? :D

  4. OH wow! So can you show us how you look walking down the street in KL? ;) ;)

  5. SK, LOL! That is the reason why I don't post my outfits. ;)

  6. Rad, LOL! Good try... but, it won't happen.