Thursday, February 9, 2012

Of collecting Charms and stuff and Doraemon

People collect different things for different reasons. Stamps and postcards are common items people collect. Others collect bracelets, watches, Barbie dolls (a friend is collecting these), all things ducks, all things frogs, etc., paintings, cars and the list is endless.

Yet another girlfriend collects charms and recently bought a wolf charm to add to her collection. She's a huge fan of Jacob of Twilight fame so that explains.

I was at Low Yat Plaza two days ago and saw a USB thumb-drive in the shape of Doraemon and thought of a regular visitor to my blog who collects all things Doraemon. Any idea who he is?


  1. I collect hotel key cards. ^^

    Son collect super hero figures.

    Hubby collects cigar stubs.

  2. Oh! I like Doraemon!

    And, it's SK who collects all the things doraemon! ;)) I know he does!

    I collect... ummm... just money I guess :p

  3. Lina, that should be interesting. I have friends who collect angpow packets and telephone cards. One even collects shopping bags.

  4. LOL - collecting money is a good hobby.

    You got it, Rad, it is SK and he does have an enviable collection of all things Doraemon.